Message to Investors

Ophir Optronics is a multinational company and global leader in providing optronics solutions. The company develops, manufactures and markets top quality Infra-Red (IR) optics and Laser Measurement equipment. Its equipment are world trademarks based on the most advanced technologies and are renowned for their quality and reliability.
Founded in 1976, the company has been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock exchange since 1991. Ophir is headquartered in Jerusalem in a 112,000 sq. ft. - owned complex, which includes the Group's main production plant. Ophir has additional production plants in Boston, Massachusetts and Logan, Utah in the US and sales offices in the US, Japan and Europe.
In 2006, Ophir acquired Spiricon Group, a US-based company and a leader in the beam profile market. Following the acquisition, Ophir's sales in 2006 increased sharply to $64 million, from $45 million in 2005.
The company recently established a Swiss-based subsidiary (Ophir Optics Europe GmbH) to market lenses and components for surveillance and imaging systems in Europe.

Laser Measurement Group
Ophir's laser measurement group manufactures, calibrates and sells a complete line of instruments for analyzing and measuring laser power, energy, beam profile and spectrum used in industry, telecom, medical and scientific research. Products include reliable and accurate laser power and energy meters, laser beam diagnostic instrumentation, laser measurement tools and spectral analysis instruments, which comply with NIST calibration.

Infra-Red Optics Group
The Infra-Red Optics Group encompasses the world's most advanced technologies for the manufacturing of IR optics elements. These products are used in electro-optical systems —military, homeland security, commercial and industrial applications — ranging from night vision equipment to industrial metal processing. Ophir has expanded its optical and mechanical design department to offer a wide variety of complete, unique and highly effective lens assemblies and broadened its product lines to include the design and manufacturing of optical elements for CO2 high power lasers used in industry for laser cutting and welding machines. All operations, from initial R&D through final inspection of the finished product, are conducted in-house, employing military standards across all performance specification levels.

3-D Non Contact Measurement group (Optimet)
Optical Metrology Ltd., an Ophir subsidiary, has developed new non-contact 3-dimensional measurement systems using its patented conoscopic holography technology. Optimet sensors provide extremely precise 3-D measurements for applications in the motor, dentistry, electronics, steelworks, mechanics and aviation, quality control, in-process inspection and reverse engineering industries.

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