Beam Profiler FAQ’s

Customer Service FAQs
  1. Illegal System DLL Relocation error with Windows Update and Pyrocam III
  2. Why can't I install the software for my beam profiler from the supplied CD?
  3. How do I get the latest version of software for my Ophir-Spiricon product?
  4. The calibration date on my M2 system has expired. What do I need to do to get it re-calibrated?
  5. What products are compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7?
  6. What is Ultracal and how does it work?
  7. How can the LBA results be verified?
  8. What is the maximum acquisition speed?
  9. How does the LBA synchronize with the pulse source, or with single shot events?
  10. What is the accuracy of the LBA measurements?
  11. What is the largest beam diameter than can be measured with the LBA?
  12. What is the smallest beam diameter that can be measured with the LBA?
  13. What is the best beam width measurement method?
  14. What is the largest beamsize you can profile?
  15. What is the minimum power you can measure?
  16. What is the shortest pulse you can measure profiling or energy on?
  17. Not all USB ports are created equal. Having USB device problems with the USB cable plugged into the front of the PC?
  18. I've moved the beam profiler system to another computer and cannot find the software installation CD. How do I obtain the software?
  19. I've damaged the ND filters that came with my camera. Can I order replacements?
  20. I've damaged the imager in my camera. Can the imager in my camera be replaced?

Sales FAQs
  1. Is a computer required, or is one included in the price?
  2. Is a camera included with the system, or is this extra?
  3. What cameras can I use with your system?
  4. What wavelengths can I see with your system?
  5. Does the system run on a laptop?
  6. Is the software open enough for us to add options after we have it?
  7. Can I use your software with a generic WebCam or a competitor's camera?
  8. Can I import competitors data into your system?
  9. What is the availability of these items?
  10. Can I download the literature instead of having it sent to me?
  11. Can I use LabView with your system?
  12. When or is the Pyrocam III going to get higher resolution?
  13. Does your system do M2 measurements?
  14. What is the advantage of having 10 or 12 bits over 8 bits?
  15. Is the LBA-100A still available?
  16. What cameras can be used with the new BeamGage?
  17. What makes Spiricon systems better than all the rest?
  18. Can I receive a discount on the cost of Ophir power meter re-calibration?
  19. I don't understand the difference between the classification of Laser Beam Analysis Systems, Focal Spot Analyzer, and Laser Beam Profile?

BeamGageTM FAQs
  1. What can BeamGage do that other analysis systems cannot?
  2. What were the key breakthroughs that enabled the creation of BeamGage?
  3. Is BeamGage targeted at any particular sectors or applications? Does it open up any application areas that were previously unavailable?
  4. Describe the design philosophy behind BeamGage, given that it's the first, from-the-ground-up system in 10 years.
  5. How does BeamGage fit into Ophir-Spiricon's wider product portfolio?
  6. Other BeamGage highlights?

  7. Impact
  8. How much does this new product benefit the industry in the future in a unique way?

  9. Functionality
  10. How functional is this product? How well does it utilize an existing technology?

  11. Life Expectancy Before it's Replaced with Something Bigger/Better
  12. What is the potential for long-term viability of this product?

  13. Impact on the Optics Industry
  14. What is the long-term impact expected on the industry from this product?

  15. Innovation
  16. To what degree does this product replace or improve an older or existing one?

  17. Patents/Trademarks
  18. Do you or your company hold, have you applied for, or have you been approved for a patent or trademark in relationship to this product?
  19. Will my current Ophir-Spiricon camera work with the new BeamGage software?
  20. Will I be able to use my FireWire or USB Ophir-Spiricon camera with LBA or BeamStar after upgrading to BeamGage?
  21. I've just downloaded BeamGage Standard, but I can't get it to install. What's wrong?
  22. I've just downloaded BeamGage Standard from your web site, but I can't get my camera to run with it. Why won't it run?
  23. Will BeamGage work with Windows 7?
  24. When will the BeamGage be supported with 64-bit systems?
  25. Is BeamGage-Standard compatible with Windows 7-32 bit?
  26. When will BeamGage Automation be available and can I receive it as a free upgrade to my BeamGage Standard?
  27. I have to make some measurements on a long term test. I would like to set up a power meter to take 100 shots of a 30 Hz laser, calculate an average, save the average and dump the rest. I want it to do this every hour for 30 days without human intervention. Can we do that?

    I would also like to set up a beam code to take 10 pictures once a day for 30 days, without human intervention.

  28. After installing BeamGage the source is unavailable and it will not recognize the camera that is connected. How do I get BeamGage to recognize the camera?
  29. Can BeamGage Professional be run on the same computer that BeamGage Standard is already installed onto?
  30. How do I get the ASCII data out of BeamGage?
  31. This group works with fibers and db measurements are typical to their business. Is there an option in the power measurement values to select db rather than watts?
  32. Should I upgrade to the latest version of BeamGage?
  33. Why is my Pyrocam III not recognized in Windows 7?
  34. Why can't my Dell laptop with an integrated webcam detect my Ophir-Spiricon provided camera in BeamGage?
  35. How do I get the Pyrocam III to operate with Windows 7?
  36. If your beam is rather weak on the screen, can you enhance the image by changing the Z Scale instead of summing frames?
  37. I am using BeamGage Standard and I just want to report the data into Excel, can do I do that?
  38. Users of BeamGage have reported various issues with the What's This help feature since the release of Adobe Reader X. The problem is somewhat different from PC to PC and various Windows OS. The basic observed error is that the What's This item selected by the user does not get displayed when the User Guide opens, or even if the User Guide is already open. Sometimes it never works, and sometimes it works correctly, but intermittently.
  39. I'm using Windows 7 and my Pyrocam III will not show up in BeamGage. If I check the Windows Device Manager there is a Yellow Triangle next to the Pyrocam III. What should I do?
  40. How do I get the Pyrocam III to be recognized with BeamGage software?
  41. How do I get the GRAS20 camera to be recognized by BeamGage when using a 1394a/b interface card?
  42. What are the most Common Problems Encountered with BeamGage Installation?
  43. What is the proper way to do an Ultracal in BeamGage?
  44. How can I use the BeamGage power meter option in a 64-bit PC after installing the StarLab software?
  45. I just purchased a USB Ophir Power/Energy meter and I'm trying to get the BeamGage software to display the reading. How do I make them work together?
  46. I've installed BeamGage on my laptop and connected my USB camera, but I can't connect to the camera. Why will BeamGage not see my camera?
  47. How can I use BeamGage Professional with my BeamGage Standard camera system?
  48. How can I tell how much total power I have in a specific region of my beam?
  49. Why does BeamGage have a Windows shield icon on the BeamGage desktop icon, or BeamGage asks me to log on as an Administrator to run the application?
  50. How does BeamGage produce higher resolution pointing stability than the size of one pixel in the camera?

  1. It has been suggested that if the M² results are computed to be < 1 we should display a 1 as the answer. However the algorithms in the M²-200/200s software make computations and report results as the input settings and the beam samples dictate. This is done so as to provide useful information to the operator rather than to try and conceal something. There are two common occurrences when M² results are less than 1.
  2. Does the M2-200 and M2-200s internally provide all the necessary attenuation for operation with the direct laser beam?
  3. End of Life for M2-200 (Long Train)
  4. I want to ask about the accuracy specifications on the M2-200-BB. In the specification, it states that typical accuracy is 5%. Is this +/- 5% of the mean measurement, and is this a 1-sigma, 3-sigma, or P-P value?
  5. I just installed the latest M2-200s software on my new computer and I get a message stating Windows can't install the driver for the motor controller. How do I fix this?

Cameras FAQs
  1. Camera Image Quality – We frequently get asked about image quality as it relates to dead or bad pixels in the imager array. These questions most generally fall into one or more of these categories.
    1. Will my camera have any bad pixels?
    2. Do bad pixels affect my laser profile measurement?
    3. Can bad pixels be corrected?
    4. If I have some bad pixels what can I do about it?
    5. Will my camera performance change over time?
    All and more of these concerns are explained in our Camera Defects Policy document.

  2. Do cameras need Calibration?
  3. Can the SP620 camera work in a vacuum?
  4. How come I can't use the Cameras Region Of Interest (ROI) Feature in my SP503U or SP620U Camera?
  5. How come I can't use my own FireWire or USB Camera with the Ophir-Spiricon Software?
  6. My camera has a burned detector, how do I get it fixed?
  7. How come my SCOR20 camera doesn't show up in the camera list?
  8. What is the dynamic range with the Pyrocam III, CCD's, or various other cameras?
  9. How much power or energy can be directed onto the camera sensor?
  10. How do you sample/attenuate without distorting the beam profile to achieve the required power/energy level at the camera sensor?
  11. How do I spatially calibrate with an imaging lens?
  12. Why is an anti-reflection coated window required with the Pyrocam III?
  13. Why am I seeing "ghost images" on the 2D and 3D displays from my Beam Profiling Software?
  14. Using the built in photodiode trigger on the SP620U and SP503U cameras.
  15. Can I use my Ophir-Spiricon CCD camera at wavelengths below 400nm?
  16. Can I use my Phosphor coated Ophir-Spiricon camera at wavelengths outside 1440nm – 1605nm?
  17. My Pyrocam III camera has laser burn spots on the detector. Can the detector be replaced or do I need to replace the whole camera?
  18. Don't damage your Pyrocam III by using the wrong power supply.
  19. Why won't the Pyrocam III run when it is selected in BeamGage?
  20. What is a safe power/energy level that a camera can handle?
  21. How do I display the BeamGage spatial results in a non-scientific notation format?
  22. Can I have more than one camera connected to BeamGage at a time?
  23. Why can't a camera licensed for BeamGage Standard be used with BeamGage Professional or Enterprise?
  24. How do you enable more results than the standard ones seen in BeamGage?
  25. What does the ½" and 1/1.8" CCD spec mean? Is that the size of the sensor?
  26. Beam Width Accuracy – Is blooming ever a problem?
  27. Can I use the CCD cameras with 193nm lasers? What about 248nm? 266nm?
  28. How often should I have my camera sensor cleaned?
  29. Users of BeamGage have reported camera connection problems with Laptop PC's that have an installed Webcam.
  30. I'm seeing a vertical line down through my beam profile that is producing incorrect beam width measurements in this direction. What is causing this?
  31. When do I need to use the photodiode for triggering the camera vs Video Trigger?
  32. How fast will the SP620 run? SP503? L11059?
  33. How do I use a CCTV or other lens to re-image a beam that is too big to fit directly on the CCD sensor?
  34. What is the maximum total attenuation stack-up of ND filters that can be used with a beam profiling camera for laser beam attenuation?
  35. 1.0 Gevicam Gig-E Camera Installation
  36. How do I use the LBS-300 alignment fixture or target to align my beam through an LBS-300 beam sampler?
  37. When we save/log the Pyrocam III beam image data as ASCII (with ".csv" file extension), and we open that csv file using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, what does each value (rows and columns of positive and negative integers) represent? That is, do they each represent the beam intensity at that particular pixel of the detector (or does it mean something else)?
  38. Can I use my beam profiling camera as a power meter?
  39. Why doesn't the green light on the SP620U and SP503U cameras illuminate when it is connected through the USB connection?

WaveStar FAQs
  1. What is the difference between CW and triggered mode and how does the triggered mode work for measuring single pulses?
  2. What is the minimum and maximum power on the slit for continuous sources?
  3. What is the sensitivity of the WaveStar for single shot pulses?
  4. What is the damage threshold power ?
  5. What is the spectral sensitivity of the WaveStar?
  6. Can the WaveStar be controlled by other applications (such as LabVIEW)?
  7. How does the relative power calibration of the WaveStar work and how is it done?

Slit-Based Profilers FAQs
  1. What does "relative power meter" mean?
  2. Can my NanoScan operate on a Mac?
  3. Where is the detector in the NanoScan?
  4. Does NanoScan work with 64-Bit Windows 7?
  5. Error message when loading NanoScan software version 1.44 and later.
  6. I have just reloaded my LD8900 software onto a new computer and now the system doesn't work. It says that the signal is saturated, even when there is no light input.
  7. Why is the silicon NanoScan not recommended for 1064nm beam measurements?
  8. When using the Nanoscan beamprofiler with windows XP the computer crashes every time I try to save the profile data as ASCII text.
  9. After setting up the NanoScan profiler and acquiring the beam, the profile is bouncing back and forth.
  10. As the BeamScan products reach the end of their useful lifetime, we are often asked which NanoScan models most closely match an existing BeamScan model.
  11. My Photon NanoScan is due for calibration. How do I get an RMA to send it in for calibration?
  12. Using a NanoScan, does slit length (3.5mm or 9mm) affect measurement precision?
  13. With NanoScan, how does slit width and aperture diameter affect the accuracy and precision of beam measurements?
  14. I get an Error Code -22 when I start my NanoScan software and I cannot use my system. What is Error Code -22?
  15. Won't the NanoScan slit diffract the beam?
  16. How small can the step size be set to for the scanhead position on the NanoModeScan or RailScan system through the on-screen software or remotely?
  17. I installed the latest NanoScan software from the web page for my NanoScan sensor, and now it is asking for the license key…how do I get the license key?
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