StarLite – 低成本便携激光功率计和能量计

  • 兼容所有标准 Ophir 热电式、BeamTrack、PE-C 热释电和光电二极管传感器
  • 效果极佳的大尺寸 TFT 320x240 显示屏
  • 紧凑型手持设计,带橡胶保护套和改进型支架
  • 可选择数字/模拟表针显示
  • 模拟输出
  • 便于使用的软键
  • 方便的测量配置(带上下文帮助功能)
  • 背光灯和可更换电池
  • 利用热电堆探头进行单发能量测量
  • 计算平均功率
  • 屏幕图形尺寸可调
  • 防电磁干扰
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PC Applications
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  StarLite Laser Power Meter
StarLite low cost laser power & energy meter for all standard Ophir Thermal, BeamTrack, PE-C Pyroelectric and Photodiode sensors 7Z01565  
  StarLite Laser Power Meter
PC connectivity for StarLite
P/N for Software Activation Code that enables the StarLite meter to communicate in USB with our StarLab software suite 7Z11049  
Power Meters Catalog
Power Meters Section

pgs. 83-107 (1.42 MB)
StarLite User Manual Catalog - Smart Displays and Computer Connectivity
StarLite User Manual

Ophir Photonics laser power meters and PC interfaces works on the smart plug interface allowing any Ophir meter to work with most Ophir laser measurement sensors and most laser energy sensors.

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  Ophir Laser Measurement Instruments: Displays - Accessories - Carrying Case Carrying Cases
Carrying Case
Carring case 38x30x11cm. For power meter and up to three sensors
    StarLite USB Cable
USB-A to MICRO-B cable for field upgrade support
    Battery Pack
Replacement battery pack for StarLite 7E14008  
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  Ophir Laser Measurement Instruments: PC Application - PC Software & Drivers PC Software & Drivers
This section describes various ways to interface the StarLite to your PC as well as the software options available.
Requires purchase of software activation code
  Ophir Laser Measurement Instruments: PC Application - StarLab StarLab The StarLab application together with the StarLite turns your PC or laptop into a full-fledged Ophir laser power/energy meter. Supports all Ophir laser power/energy sensors. Up to 8 sensors can be displayed at once on one PC. By using the Ophir COM Objects, you can control the StarLite, Juno, USBI, Nova II, Vega and Pulsar-1/2/4 devices from your own application.
  Ophir Laser Measurement Instruments: PC Application - LabView LabView Library supplied for a complete measurement interface with most of our USB speaking devices (StarLite, Juno, Nova-II, Pulsar, USBI, Vega). Makes use of our new COM object.
  Ophir Laser Measurement Instruments: PC Application - Firmware Firmware Embedded s/w for StarLite Laser Power / Energy Meter

Latest StarLite firmware (version 1.26)

: 1) In order to enable the StarLite meter to communicate with the StarLab software suite, please purchase the StarLite USB Activation Code
2) Firmware update is performed by downloading the installer from Ophir website (see link above).
The firmware can't be updated via StarLab

Ophir Laser Measurement solutions include sensors and meters. Thermopile and Photodiode sensors connect to laser power meters for laser power measurement and Pyroelectric sensors connect to the meter for laser energy measurement.


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