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  • 测量激光二极管、VCSEL、光纤和/或波导
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Measuring the near field of sources such as laser diodes, VCSELs, optical fiber, and/or waveguides can be a difficult task. Accurate measurement of such small sources to the micron level requires high precision in the optical and mechanical design. To simplify this task and to fill this requirement, Photon offers several models of Near-Field Profilers (NFPs) covering a wide range of wavelengths and power levels. Another important application of these instruments is to extend the focused laser spot size measurement range of the NanoScan profiler. By expanding the size of a focused spot it is possible to reduce the power density and make possible the measurement of beams that are too powerful to be measured without attenuation, as well as those that are too small to be accurately measured with the standard scanhead. The NanoScan NFPs are easy-to-use turnkey systems that can be used either as a stand-alone instrument or integrated into manufacturing inspection systems. For NanoScan users who want to extend the measurement capability of their present systems, the optical and mechanical components are also available as accessories.

The NFP-980 with 60:1 magnification and 1μm resolution, specifically designed for measurement of 980nm pump lasers, is also ideal for other applications in the wavelength range between 700nm–1100 nm. The NFP-1550, with 40:1 magnification and 2.6μm resolution, is designed for use in characterizing sources in the 1300-1600nm telecommunications wavelength band. Both models come with a NanoScan GE/9/5 scanhead and the magnifying objective lens, which can be rigidly mounted to an optional precision XYZ translation stage, which in turn is mounted to an optical rail. They also include the NanoScan Control and Data Acquisition Card and NanoScan Acquisition and Analysis Software. The system has all the standard Windows file saving, printing, communication and ActiveX capability.

For visible wavelengths, the NFP-VIS is equipped with the NanoScan SI/9/5 scanhead and the 60:1 microscope objective, AR coated for the 400–700nm wavelength range. UV Wavelengths below 360nm can also be accommodated with an optional UV corrected microscope objective. For higher power and longer wavelength beams the NFP-Pyro is available. These systems can measure spot sizes from 5μm at any wavelength from 190nm to 20μm. This instrument configuration naturally reduces the power density incident on the instrument by one over the square of the magnification. The system can be supplied with a lens for the user-specified wavelength of use.

For viewing VCSEL junctions, single-mode fibers and large long wavelength LD junctions there is an optional 100:1 objective lens option, producing diffraction limited performance from 400–700nm with a working distance of approximately 0.25-0.35mm and Numerical Aperture is 0.90. From 700–1600nm, this lens produces near diffraction-limited performance.

Software 32/64 Bit Compatibility

NanoScan Near-Field Profiler Systems
Parameter NFP-VIS NFP-980 NFP-1550 NFP-Pyro
Tester Wavelength Range 400-700nm
<360nm optional
700-1100nm 1300-1700nm 190->20µm
Lens Spread Function 0.49μm 1.1μm 2.6μm Wavelength and application dependent for these parameters
Maximum Source 140μm 140μm 200μm
Objective Focal Length 3mm 3mm 5.1mm
Objective Rear Focal Distance 160mm 160mm 207mm
Objective Numerical Aperture 0.85 0.85 0.48
Objective Magnification 60:01:00 60:01:00 40:01:00
NanoScan Model NSSI/9/5 NSGE/9/5 NSGE/9/5 NSPyro/9/5
Aperture Size 9mm 9mm 9mm 9mm
Slit Width 5μm 5μm 5μm 5μm
3 Axis Stage Travel
X (across rail) 13mm micrometer adjust
Y (normal to rail) 6.5mm fine pitch actuator
Z (along rail) 13mm micrometer adjust
      Item Description P/N  
  Model USB NFP-1550(NS) Model NFP-1550 NanoScan system with Germanium Detector 9mm Aperture 5μm Slits. Highresolution 63.5mm diameter head with rotation mount. Use from 700nm to 1.8microns PH00229  
  Model USB NFP-980(NS) Model NFP-980 NanoScan Germanium Detector 9mm Aperture 5.0micron Slits. High-resolution 63.5mm diameter head with rotation mount. Microscope Objective Lens Mount with 60:1 optics for 700-1100nm PH00230  
  Model USB NFP-VIS(NS) Model NFP-VIS NanoScan Silicon Detector 9mm aperture 5μm slits. High-resolution 63.5mm diameter head with rotation mount. Microscope Objective Lens Mount Bracket with 60:1 optics for 400-700nm PH00231  
  Model USB NFP-Pyro NFP-NS-Pyro NanoScan pyroelectric detector with 9mm entrance 5μm slits. Use for wavelengths from 190mm to 20 microns (specify wavelengths of use when ordering). Lens Mount bracket with well-corrected aspheric high-energy 60:1 lens with a 0.68 NA. Available in wavelengths 400nm- 1100nm PH00232  
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